Thursday, February 22, 2007

The best of intentions

Always seem to get ruinned.

I had planned to blog Tuesday night and then we were called to go to Anderson unexpectedly and left sometime after 10pm per request to come. I had a quick nap in the car on the way there and Chad didn't nap at all. We dealt with the buisness that had come up - basically Chad's mom is sick and we were making sure that all will be well - and have returned to deal with our buisness here today and will then see what happens. By the time we had returned Chad had been 30+ hours with out sleep and I had only had three hours of sleep in 24 hours so needless to say we went straight to bed and I ended up sleeping twelve hours.

So, I apologize that last weeks update did not come as promised.

So, now you know most of this weeks update (we have a few days left) but I will save all of last weeks subject pictures and this weeks for after work on Sunday.

But there is still a pic or two from Chad's birthday that I can post. His birthday went well and we enjoyed ourselves. I mainly used the time to start capturing pictures for this years Christmas (yes, as a crafter I am allowed to THINK about Christmas right now) presents since last years went over so well.

So, here we go...

And then just so I can continue to say I have some knitting content, here is what I have been working on:

Simple cabled pattern because a friend of mine asked me if I could cable. Seems she had been told that cables were for only expert knitters with 10+ years of expirience. Silly really.

The same patterin in a different yarn that is going to be frogged yet again. The white on looks better. And just to surprise all of you out there. The white one is in microspun and the tan one in wool ease. I'm sure it all has to do with gauge and the tan one I just have too big. I'm thinking of doubling the yarn and trying again.

And finally the beginings of a top down sock just because.

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