Tuesday, January 02, 2007

To my KR friends

I did it! Last night I cast on my first project in a long time. Here are the photos from it:

It's been a long time since I've seen you.

Cast on! The first three stitches are on the needles. Forgive the comfortable clothing I have on, I wasn't dressing for the camera (although, since I took the photos, I should have).

This is how far I got by midnight! That is a lot for me. This is going to be a novelty scarf of twenty stitches and it is worked in garter stitch. Please excuse the bluriness of the photo, right as I clicked the shutter I started laughing hysterically at Monk and didn't realize it had turned out so blurry until now.

The photos were taken with the help of this little gizmo that Kat got me for Christmas:
It's perfect for around the house and when I'm downtown alone. But I still have tons of uses for my other tripod too. Who knew that I would want more than one tripod. And now I've heard of this little thing and it's intriguing to me as well. I could find uses for all I'm sure.

I'm sure I should also try to find a remote for my camera to make tripod picture taking easier. Right now I use my 10 second timer. (Yes, those three stitches were cast on in those ten seconds, it's a true photo not a posed one)

Also, this:
is the FSM I made for my brother for Chrismas. He loved it...

And a little bit of hope for those in colder climates. As many of you know I live in Charleston, SC and this is the picture of my backyard that I took yesterday:
It's green and it needs to be cut! Now my front yard is a different type of grass so it's a more brown than green but the green is starting to come through on it. I'll have to go out and get a picture of that today. But that's winter in SC.

To my family, I'll have updates per usual on Sunday with all of this weeks activities, this I had to share with my KR friends though.

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Rita said...

Oh Melissa, I have the same problem with grass! But I think South Carolina is a lovely place and I wouldn't mind visiting it !
Well maybe one day,,who knows...