Saturday, January 06, 2007

So, the first week is complete...

The first week of 2007 is nearly complete, just a few more hours to go. I'm posting this early technically because I have to work tomorrow and I'm just not sure how I'll feel afterwards and I want to make sure that I post.

So, this week has been pretty normal, mostly. I'm trying to dive into all of my resolutions and create new projects for myself. One interesting project I read about is to take at least one photo a day and see what you can come up with for subjects.

That's not to terribly hard for me right now. I already take so many photos as you all know. But I am trying to do something different everyday. Plus, I'm trying to make them different than the other photos I show you. (Like the knitting ones from earlier this week.) Also, I still use both cameras so some will be better quality than others. Depends on where I am when I took the picture and what planning went into it.

Here are this weeks pictures starting with 1/1/07 and working all the way to 1/6/07:

Our house on new years day. Not much different since the first time you saw it. My truck is in the driveway and there are no leaves on our little tree. We plan to do big planting and such in the spring.

An anatole on the outside of my screened porch. We have lots that climb around out there...

I was expirimenting with night pictures and thought I got this decent one of the moon.

A car lot at night.

Temptation. My worst eating habit is snacking and the refrigerator likes to mock me...

And finally you have the start of a new hobby.

Diving into my resolutions I am going to our community amneities center to work out and have been pleasantly surprised at how much distance I can "cover" in thirty minutes. I was also shocked to find my weight ten pounds lighter than I had thought it would be :) And true to form I am taking three trial lessons of a new (to me) Karate style and seeing about going back to karate.

For Chad, he's been dealing with work issues. Nothing bad just waiting to hear how fast they want to get some machines up and running and what that means for a trial schedule. He's now enjoying his days off and starting the fish tank shown above.

I believe that covers it for now. Unless I finish my knitting tonight and want to post again tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't think I have enough of the ball for it to be a scarf but it will make a very pretty minature "table runner" for me (meaning I'll put it under a plant or something). I may be surprised though. I have to go through my stash this week and see what is hiding there.

Later all!

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rita said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Melissa.
My motto is....never give up!

Happy new year.