Sunday, January 14, 2007

And another week goes by...

Here we are at Sunday again. What's sad is that it's only the middle of January and I'm trying to plan for March and April by putting in requests what I want my schedule to be and time off. Four week schedules sure make the year fly by.

Work for Chad and I is mostly the same. I will start precepting a student on Monday and do not know what to expect from the expirience. Chad's still plugging away at his projects at work and trying to figure out what's going to be needed by when.

At home, things are also moving along. Chad is setting up his fish tank and I am trying to decide the best way to sew on a patch to my gi. I did go ahead with the karate lessons and have enjoyed them so far.

These two subjects bring me up to my pictures of the week and a note about my pictures. I was bad this week and did not take one a day. What can I say but the problem is the same thing all of us run into - scheduling. I have decided, that since this is my project anyway - as long as there are seven different subjects for the weekly pictures posted than that is fine. They do have to be taken within that week though, I can't cheet and cut back to old pictures from last year. So, here they are:
Step two of aquarium set up, get "scenery" and let water levels adjust to where they need to be. Hopefully the water will "settle" appropriatley for fish to come soon.

Me in my new white belt. Not an impressive picture but I'm working on it. I had just come from class. (*Note that I hate all white and that the only time you will really see me in it is for this. I don't even wear all white to work. Thank goodness that the chosen uniform colors that MUSC is going to in March is royal blue for nurses.)

Proof that I'm working on swatching for a top. It's so relaxing!

My new snack! I'm doing so well at not snacking and this tea is great at curbing my desire to. (That's not it's intended purpose, it's just good tea and it just gives me something to drink instead of eat.)

The artistic picture I took this week. My tripod was lowered and I though that it would be about the vantage point of the view of my corner of the world for a toddler.

My Christmas Cactus. Poor thing is so confused by the weather. (It was in the 70's here today) that it only had one white bloom just before new years. Last year at this time, it had several recurring beautiful blooms of white, pink, and red. Maybe they are just hiding.

And finally, part of our pet collection. We mostly keep stuffed animals and the Dancing Hamsters are some of Chad's favorites. The one in the middle is the newest one to the collection. They have redesigned the poor creatures and the verdict is out on the new look.

I neglected to get a photo of the first knitting project I completed this year. It is coming this week though!

Chad and I head upstate for the day later, he'll go to the auto show and I'll visit my siblings.

And that completes this weeks family update. I'm sure there will be more random posts later in the week and for those that only come once a week, I'll see you next Sunday!

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