Sunday, January 21, 2007

Night Shift Throws me Off

So, I never made it back here during the remainder of the week. That's because night shift throws me off. That and Chad and I have time off together this week. It's not as unusual of an occurance as it used to be.

Otherwise this week, I have continued Karate classes and Chad has continued to work on the fish tank. Pictures later in the post. I have started working on a sock and haven't continued working on my top I want to knit yet because of the fact that I haven't washed my swatches yet. Our day trip for the car show was good althought I forgot to give Chad the camera so there wasn't pictures taken. We're walking through the community more and trying to get physically fit.

That covers all the major stuff, now let me show you this past weeks pictures, which are in no particular order because I don't feel like arguing with blogger to get them in such a way.

First up James, looking mischevious:

And then is Sarah arguing with me about taking her picture:
Seems to me they all loved Mom's Christmas presents so much that they need to just live with it.

And Kelly:

And here is the first knitted object of 2007 I keep talking about. The reason I didn't know how long it would be is I lost the band to it. That's okay, it's a minature decorative table runner.
And here's the aquarium with fish!

The lovely Miss Tameeka:

And my brother Daniel looking all spiffy in a suit that he has to wear for work! He hates my camera too, hence the tongue sticking out...

He's finished eating ready to go back to work in this last one!

That's it for now, talk to you all later!

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Amanda said...

WOW your siblings have all change so much. Guess that happens over seven years, right? Is Chad's fish tank salt water?