Monday, April 10, 2006


I am NOT motivated to clean. I just can't convince myself to care. It's a beautiful day and I've got the windows and door to our porch open and I still can't convince myself to care.

I am being good and scraping up dinner from what I have here in the house. It will be chicken something. But I've got a while to figure it out. I won't have dinner until Chad gets home at 11:15 or later.

What I was motivated to do today was take a few pictures around the complex here.

You've seen that we have ponds and I've shown you the geese who mock me. Well, apparantly the geese are male and female because now she is nesting. I talked to one photographer here how has taken pictures of her turning her eggs and apparantly she has about six. So oneday we are gooing to have little gooslings running around. I'm excited and can not wait.

Unfortunatley I did not get pictures of the eggs, just of her sitting on the nest and the male in veiw of the nest so that he can protect.

I then walked around the ponds and snapped a few pics of fish, flowers, the herring that wanders around here and a lone duck that has joined the geese.

I hope you enjoy my pics!

Just a turtle swimming.

The male with his new duck friend.

The female sitting on her nest

An azalea I believe

Our heron that wanders around here.

Turtles relaxing in the water.

These little flowers always make me think of playing outside when I was little.
Both the yellow above and the purple ones below.

One of our lovely fountains.


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