Sunday, April 09, 2006


So, Chad and I have spent this weekend coming up with a goal for the next year to two years.

We want a house and we need to save money to do this correctly (oh, we could do it now but it wouldn't be the best way to do it.)

That means I'm cutting myself off and must use all of my crafting supplies (I have plenty) before I purchase anything else. The exception would be finishing touches to projects that I don't have such as stuffing for meatballs for the FSM and maybe googly eyes. But before I can determine if I need it I must have the majority of the item finished first.

But I bet if I'm really creative I can come up with ways to not have to buy that type of stuff as well.

I'm thinking of ways now actually - eyes I could make out of clay. Stuffing - well what else are odds and ends of yarn for?

See, I CAN do this.

My problem is will power.

But I just have to remember that if I really don't want to work with what I have in the house that day that I have a wonderful array of subjects I can work with for photography!!

Help me you all. When I start to get weak and talk about wanting to delve into new projects (like scrapbooking) or the wonderful sales that stores are having scold me!

I can be a good girl and do what I'm supposed to so that I can have a house!!

Anyway. I promise crafting reports soon. But I had to get this in writing so that it can become a reality as opposed to still just that dream sitting on the shelf.

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