Sunday, January 08, 2006

Scenes From Downtown

These pictures are truly in no particular order today. I don't feel like arguing with blogger to get them where I want them (it orders the pictures funky, I don't understand it because I don't pay enough attention to it.) but I will explain them to a degree. Chad and I spent hours (3+) walking around downtown today covering what we figure to be well over five miles. We then enjoyed FRESH seafood at a local resturant. Delicious.

I will also note that just in case you didn't realize it, if you click on the pictures you can see them in a larger size. I put them on smaller so that for those viewing that have dial up it may hopefully load a little faster.

This is a house that we saw while walking along King St. We found the foliage to be very interesting knowing that it has taken someone years to mold it just so and get it growing on the front but not tops of the steps like that.

Just before moving down here I read about the rickshaw drivers who are basically bicycle cabs (seen above). They will take you through the streets of downtown and can get to destinations quicker because they are allowed to cut through parking lots and such. This was the first time I saw one with passengers and I do want to ride one someday. They say that if you tip your drivers extra they will race each other on the way to the destinations requested.

A simple shot of the end of the old slave market now known as just the market. I find it interesting that at the opposite end of it where I believe the buisness aspect of slave trading was conducted above the holdings is the Confederate Museum of Charleston.

A house we found intriguing along the battery.

The only view of "beach" that you can find downtown. The battery runs along the edge of the pennisula of Charleston with the water butting up against it all the way except for this corner.
Well, well, look what I ended up with. It does feel like pulling your bottom lip over your head to get a picture of the faces of the men of this family.

This is on King St (I neglected to mention before that King St is one of the two main roads that run the length of the penninsula that Charleston is on) and reminds me of a scene from a movie. I actually find that a lot. I'll turn and see a picturesque scene that will remind me of movies and can't figure out which one. It doesn't help that it probably is almost exactly like that in some movie or another because so many are shot in the area and/or pull pictures from the area.

And somehow we ended up with a picture of me in front of the pineapple fountain. That must have been an accident. The fountain is located in the waterfront park and is considered one of Charleston's trade marks.

This is another view shot that reminds me of a movie that I can not figure out where it is from. This shot was taken standing on the corner of East Bay St and Concord and if you walk down Concord you get to the waterfront park in the previous picture.

This is the US Customs Building. It's at the end of the market pictured above (somewhere).

I was just playing here. It is nice to know that there are some seagulls still at the sea instead of bothering the students at Westside in Anderson.

This is the section of the old bridges that was demolished two days after we went to get the pictures that I wanted. The part that was blown up is that big section in the middle. We were really disappointed that they didn't take down more than once. It looks like a wast of dynomite but since I don't work on a demolition crew I can't say that.

These two are of course sunset and cloud views. All in all because of digital cameras I take whatever pictures I want because it ends up being so cheap. If I had to develop film you can bet I would be very selective. I took over 300 pictures today that I kept if that gives you any idea of how much I love digital photography.

And as I leave you with the sunset I will also mention that I am starting another blog to keep up with a new year's resolution of mine. More details are explained in the first post on the site (at the bottom of the page of course) but basically I'm reviewing books and movies. I'll let you know here when I post there if you want to head over and read my opinion on the topic. I will reveal endings though so don't head there if you don't want to know what happens in whatever it is that I review.

The address is here The Filing Cabinet. If the link doesn't work it is

The first reviews posted are of Pay It Forward and Bewitched.

Night all!

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