Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Inevitable

- That I miss posting when I say I'm going to
- That our family always has a multiple things going on at the same time
- That when you give your phone to your child to take pictures of "that thing that is making a creaking noise outside" you will also get pictures like this:

She's very proud of her hand and foot pictures by the way.  The bird droppings on the car - well, she just wanted me to know that there was something on my car.

As far as the "creaking noise that she was investigating.  It was a cricket:

She even found him later near our cars:

But life marches on here.  Our past few weeks have been busy as Chad continues working on his classes in pursuit of his Bachelors degree and Ann has now been invited to a reading club in the library for advanced readers.  She is very excited to participate in that.  I also continue working on my projects for work and have successfully tested to be recognized as a developmental care specialist from my professional organization.  The last big iron I have put into the fire is that I have applied for a graduate school program at MUSC but will have to wait until April before I hear about that.

In closing, Happy Valentines day to all!  And, we hope that you have a good week.

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