Tuesday, November 01, 2016

It's November

Ahh, November!

Which really means: Just what the hell am I doing?!

November is now the month of National {fill in the blank here} month.  It started with NaNoWriMo which I had heard of but always found daunting until now. I've participated in NaBloPoMo before but haven't really carried it out in recent years (but I'm no longer good at actually blogging anyway.  And finally, as of today, I hear about NaNoReadMo: National Novel Reading Month, which sounds pretty reasonable as well.

While, I don't want to over extend myself, as I am finally writing one of my novel ideas for NaNoWriMo, I just might try one of the other's as well.  I'm not making any promises but it seems that to get more use out of my twitter account that NaNoReadMo just might be a good thing to put there.  We will see.

Additionally, we will finally get the election out of the way (have you checked to see if your candidate really lines up with you - I encourage you to take the quiz at I Side With now and vote how you really believe - your vote makes a difference!)

So, what am I doing this month - over-exerting myself and pushing hard because in addition to the writing I have many things that I am finishing up as well as general life.

What are you doing this month?

P.S. Today's word count for NaNoWriMo as of 11:12 pm is 542 which isn't half bad following a day at work, helping Chad with some school stuff, and other general chores.

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