Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  After becoming overwhelmed last month with everything that had to be done, I intend to start again this month.

That said, I am starting the year out working several shifts in a row and did not prepare accordingly.

I need to review last year with you all, and plan to do that when I am off on Monday!  Until then, I apologize for the meme related content that will be the next couple of days..

In the theme of new beginings (typical January content) I will share with you my resolution for the year:
I would like to accomplish at least 1 task a day.

I am horrible at procrastinating, and have the backed up projects/poorly kept craft room to prove it.  There are so many times that I am simply overwhelmed by starting that I never do anything I've put on my list.  By setting this resolution, I am not pegging myself into a specific and can accept if I am the only one who knows what I accomplish.  I usually get lots of tasks done when I start at least one, so I am hoping that this will hold true if I make sure that I do one.

Who else is making resolutions this year?

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