Friday, November 16, 2012

Avoidance of the List

I guess I finally have to suck it up and post this.  I've been avoiding this post like the plague because I feel like a greedy good for nothing spoiled brat of a person for even putting it out there.  But, there are multiple people requesting it so...

The Christmas Wish List:
She doesn't need anything and has everything.  Santa is bringing her three special gifts (mosaic tiles from Discovery Toys, a Melissa and Doug Calendar, and a hobby horse - if you heard about the other thing, it's still on the table, just as part of Chad's gift as that will be something for him to and won't violate the three gift rule).  All of that said I know you all would like directions:
Craft supplies friendly for toddlers - especially paper that handles paint well (coloring paper doesn't cut it) and beads her size as we are working on making sure to avoid tactile issues and she always wants to help me with my beads when she sees the bag that they are in.
all types of books - list coming Tuesday of what we have from Dr. Seuss and what we have read - much easier than trying to go through everything that I have and putting that list down.
We are big fans of Melissa and Doug Toys as well.
Mom, one specific item I have been talking about is listed here:

He is the most difficult as he buys what he wants for himself as he's able to.  That and his desires cost a lot.  In fact, he has really only given me two options for him.
A Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet (from Lowes)
A K-Cup

I know that he can always use shirts.

I am easy -
Earrings (unfortunately I have a nickel allergy.  I've only tried gold though and not tungsten.)
Fabric for shirts for myself (three yards)
I do have a little list with a few things as well:

And as always,
 notions of all types (buttons, stabalizers, specialty needles, clasps, etc), fabric of any measurement  thread (any type of fun thread for quilting and I'm trying to start doing embroidery too), yarn, and beads are always much appreciated.

I'm off to bed for tonight, talk to you all more later!

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