Friday, February 03, 2012

Something You Hate to Do

I don't think it's fair to classify all housework as what I hate, due to the fact that I will clearly choose some chores over others.  But it is almost a toss up.  First I was going to say dishes:

But I will gladly do the dishes if I don't have to have anything to do with this:

And now that I've admitted that (although have no doubt that Chad is well aware of it) I'm off to find out which book is next in line to order next now that I have (after over five months) finished Outlander. And I need to know what happens next, although I'm sure that will take me another five months.

At least it's not the longest time it's taken me to read a book.  That record is five years, and it was a much shorter book at that.  Just goes to show that the more I like it the faster I read it.  Outlander is just so detailed and written with some dialect to it that it makes it harder for me to get through and remember the pertinent details.  Dialect is just harder for me to read.

Work is up next but I'll be back with another picture of some sort tomorrow.  Now to add to the to do list of mail the book back to who I borrowed it from on my next day off.

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