Saturday, February 04, 2012


Ah, yes.  Blue.  It's a good color- Chad's favorite and my second favorite. It's a sad mood.  But for me more than anything it's the color I work in.  The picture is one of my scrub tops (I was wearing it when I took the picture but as it is after work I'm a mess so you only get this glimpse of the top), as I work within the children's hospital I can wear patterned scrub tops if the pattern is based on top of royal blue or white.  90% of the time for the top I choose blue.  99.3% of the time I choose royal blue for pants too.

Until tomorrow.

I should also take a moment to mention, that nothing I post here reflects the views or policies of the facility in which I work and are all of my own personal opinion, as I am required to say that since it is public knowledge that I'm a nurse in a specialized field and you know what city I live in so it's not hard to figure out where I work.  Opinions posted here are just that, my opinion and no one else.

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