Monday, January 02, 2012

To Do Lists

To get through my work day I have a to do list for each patient by hour.  I was taught this during my orientation and can not give it up.  Once upon a time at work I had to write the minute details of report on my card along with that to do list.  Now the to do list and the pertinent details are all that's needed during report. 

It's that to do list that is the key to my day.  If there is something I have to do during the day related to a project, a class that I've taught, and even lunch for that matter revolves around the list created for that day.

Unfortunately; and I know many of you have read this from me in the past; even when I make lists (although, not hourly lists) for home, I don't carry them through.  I am now fine with the fact that my stressful fast paced organization is impossible to keep up outside of that environment at work.

That said, it's time to whittle down that to do list that I have.  Coming home from visiting the family this weekend, and carrying all the STUFF in with me has made me realize this.  Plus, I want to see a few craft projects of my own (not only Ann's) finished.  The reason this hasn't happened for me is that I gain my motivation only in the last day of a few days off completely running out of time to do the things on the list and get discouraged.

So, this week I want plan to accomplish one thing off of my to do list that is in my head.

My questions to you are - how do I keep my motivation for this?  What works for you?

That's all for now.  I'm off to put that to do list down on paper...


Anne-Marie said...

It helps me to visualize myself doing a task that I've put off or find difficult at night and when I wake up. I try to keep the image in my mind. It's the only way I get some things done, even if it sounds silly.

a.eye said...

At work, I like to make a list and cross off things as I go through them each day. If I don't finish it that day, it keeps getting put on the next day.

It is really annoying to keep seeing the same thing each day, and that is motivation to me to get it done.

At home, I need to figure out a good motivation.

Nikki said...

I keep my to-do list on my phone. That way I can add the things as they come to me before I forget to write them down. Then, when the items are done, I move them to a "finished" list. That way I can see that I have, in fact, accomplished something. Good luck to you!

Leah Marie said...

My key is a to-do list for my to-do list. Too ridiculous?

When there is something on my to-do list that is overwhelming me, I break it down into smaller tasks. If I create a list of the necessary steps to complete the task and then just tell myself I need to complete on of those a day, I can conquer it one step at a time.

Happy NaBloPoMoing!

Melissa said...

These are all good ideas. I completely understand about the visualization and should keep a running to do list as well. I'm reluctantly using my phone for more so that is a good place to keep it, and breaking it down - for some of these tasks that's going to have to be what I go to.

Thanks everyone!