Monday, January 09, 2012

My Funny Story

So, it's not out of "rainy day desperation" but more my desire to preserve the story that I'm posting this tonight (more about that thought tomorrow.)
If I don't manage to get myself together to shower while Ann is napping in the morning (which is now earlier than it used to be because she is cutting out the "midday" nap and just taking the "finish my sleep nap" an hour or two after she gets up and the "I have to have this to function without being a grouch" nap around 1pm) I will close my bedroom door so she can't play in my jewlery chest, make sure the gate is closed and not latch the bathroom door so that she can push it open as she want to.
She also sleeps with a frog lovey and a bunny lovey that are aptly called Mr. Frog and Ms. Bunny. (Lovey's are animals attached to blankets that are fuzzy on one side and satin on the back like this puppy one at Carter's)  Unless we have something major that she's trying to deal with (umm like an upset that is not her fault and I alone can't get her to calm down for), a LONG car ride, or immunizations these two stay in the bed.  We make a game out of me asking her where they stay and her pretending to reluctantly drop them back in the bed before I pick her up.
So, last Thursday, I'm in the shower and Ann's playing, doing her own thing when she peaks around the curtain and I notice she has Ms. Bunny in her arms (because she's sly and reaches through the rails to grab them out when we are playing upstairs).  "Ann," I look at her and just get the "I'm completely innocent" look back, "Go put Ms. Bunny back in the bed." I say and continue doing what I need to do.
A few minutes later Ann peaks around the curtain again, this time with Mr. Frog in her arms.  "Ann, go put Mr. Frog back in the bed." I say with a little exasperation in my voice because I'm certain this is a test for me.  She toddles out, I finish up and am stepping out when she burst back in, this time carrying (well, dragging behind her like Linus) one of Chad's shirts from the laundry...
I smiled, told her to put it back with the clothes and walk out to see that Ms. Bunny did indeed make it back to bed as best as Ann was willing to try - the blanket part shoved through the rails with her head sticking out looking down the hallway, and Mr. Frog had been abandoned next to the clothes, never fully making it to the bed. 
At least she tried to follow the directions.... And I do enjoy giving her directions and seeing just how much of it that she can follow.

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