Sunday, January 08, 2012


Things appear to be fixed on the computer front here.  I had a cute little story I was going to share but will now save for a rainy day to give you another cute little story today.

Little one is into saying "Cheese" when I take pictures, as of today.  Here's one of them:

Another new thing, as of yesterday, is that it seems she has given a nickname for a first grandparent- her great grandfather.  We went out to dinner with him yesterday, as we live in the same town.  We just call him Grandpa and I told her we would be seeing him.  She looked up at me and said "Pa pa?"

It amazing how these come to be.  I await to see if everyone else will have nicknames.  She has quite a few to come up with if she is going to.

It's also amazing how big she is getting.  Chad was super excited to get her a tricycle:

She loves it, even if she can't quite reach yet, she's very close.  So close that when we came in from outside and it was just in the living room with us, she mastered climbing on and off of it:

She's such a ham.

And that's all for now.  Tomorrow's a work day, so it just maybe that cute story I'm pulling out for that occasion.  I'm off to work on one of my many projects.  The goal is to have my works in progress organized by the end of this month.


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