Thursday, January 19, 2012

I should be sleeping

Instead, here I am.  And I'm not posting what I originally had thought I would post, what I had planned on posting on Monday but instead I know that there are many people getting hungry for more photos and videos.

Here you go:

If she sees the tricycle, she's got to be on it in some way:
 I love where her feet are in this one:
 The monthly picture (yes a little late):

 We've named him Lumpy:

Additinoally, we have some videos too.  She's really into climbing these days:

And I have spent all day trying to get more than 8 seconds of her dancing.  She seems to like Michael Jackson:

Why she feels the need to hold onto the chair I can't tell you.  If I try to get the video when she's standing in the middle of the floor she runs away from me unless I'm dancing too.  No one wants to see that or get sick from me holding the camera and dancing.  But if I have the camera off, away she goes for a little bit.

When it's the end of the day though, she gets to tired to dance and would rather spend time with a friend:

Hope you all enjoyed this.  Maybe I'll get to my planned post tomorrow.  Now, I really have to go to bed, I have to work in the morning.

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