Friday, January 06, 2012

Getting Ready to Cave

I think I'm getting ready to cave. 

For awhile I've had a plan that I would only stick to the following crafts:
1.  Yarn crafts
2.  Digital Photography
3.  Cross Stitch
4.  Beading and Clay work
5.  Sewing

by which I thought meant:
1.  knitting and crocheting with dreams of spinning
2.  thousands upon thousands of photos
3.  small little kits of simple cross stitch that will only take an hour
4.  occasioanl bead loom projects and small animal clay figures
5.  bags, dresses, work tops, and maybe quilts

that has acuatlly become:
1.  knitting, crocheting, and still dreaming of spinning and occasionally trying to
2.  millions upon millions of photos
3.  large projects of cross stitch that take FOREVER
4.  jewelry and adaptations of cross stitch patterns into woven bead works and small animals in clay when I feel like it
5.  quilting and sewing clothes for Ann and small Christmas projects

and now I want to add or will be adding:
  • Needlepoint, which fits in with number 3
  • tatting, which fits in with number 1
  • spinning, it's time to actually be able to do it and not just think about it
  • machine embroidery which fits into number 5
  • polymer clay bead making, which fits into number 4
  • scrap-booking which goes with number 2
  • needle felting, which fits with number 1
I'm sure there are a number of other things I haven't seen yet that I may want to try, never mind the fringe projects that I have seen (dying anyone...).  And we won't even talk about all of the works in progress that I have.  Why do you think my craft room is still not clean yet.

I know for a fact that I will be starting to needlepoint (I have a kit where that is the craft), spin (I have the spindle and the roving), and scrap-booking (my Christmas present from my mom was paper and chip board pieces and I already have paper cutters etc) before this year is over.

It's hard to say no to a craft when I already have the supplies for it...

Maybe I should go get a grip on all of those works in progress before I talk myself into the other things that I mentioned.

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