Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silly Songs

It's amazing how music can be so much for everyone and that all people will surprise you with some of what they listen to.  What makes this even more fun is a silly song that will cheer you up no matter what your mood.

I seem to have a few.  Two that are always with me.  In a quiet moment this song will pop into my mind and I'll start singing it:

And of course the other go to is a  Muppet silly song (although, it's not originally Muppet's and yes, I know the story about the origins):

But I also have one that is "current" in pop culture that alternates depending on what's "current."  And yes I do use the term current loosely as sometimes that means within the past five years (maybe a little more).

At this moment though, my "current" silly song that I keep singing is Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup:

Yup, when I need a downtime from reality, this does it for me.

I hope you enjoy too.

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