Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Delay, delay

It's getting later and I'm not finished with my prep for one of the three post ideas I had in my head for today... needless to say that mean you are not getting that particular post tonight.  A second idea I had I really don't feel like doing today because it's my day off... needless to say it deals with my career.  So, I have to settle for the third idea - a list of random thoughts that came to me throughout the day.  What can I say, I write the most boring blog in the world.

1.  Upon hearing the promo for what was to come on the Today Show this morning included the Duggars with a big announcment:
  "Gee, wonder which one is pregnant again - the mom or the daughter-in-law..." 

No surprise that it was Michelle Duggar expecting her 20th...  Aside from the potential health risks discussions in the future I'm not going there.  No need to host that debate on this board.

2.  The Micheal Jackson MD verdict - "Okay, he doesn't need to be in jail, just loose his medical license." 

I've had some people get mad at me when they here me say that I believe the doctor to be guilty.  "You know other stars are doing it" I'm told.  And that is true, but there was no reason for this doctor to at least not set up safe care since he gave into the demands of Micheal Jackson.  There was no reason to have that much medicine available.  So, I think the doctor should be held accountable for not practicing with prudence, but I don't think like the judge does that he is a danger to society.  Loosing his license is more than enough punishment.  (Granted I didn't watch the trial)


But I will expand upon this in tomorrow's post as.

4.  "Why on earth did we need a  shortcut for overstock.com ... o.co makes me want to wretch"

I truly don't get this one, and as of right now refuse to use the site just because of that.  Most deals on the things I look at aren't that great anyway.

and I'll leave you with this final random thought:

5.  "I'm not sure which is her favorite - the frog or the bunny"
  Ann has two small blankets with animals attached to them - a frog and a bunny - that have satin on the underside.  Satin additionally runs around the top edges of the bunny one.  She has taken a sudden (within the past month) liking to them and I can't figure out which is her favorite.  As soon as I think it's one she clings to the other for awhile.  But I'm certain that she loves the texture of satin and that's what has her going for both.  Mostly they both stay in her bed unless she's hurting or I know I'm going to need to use it to help comfort her (such as for shots).

That's it for tonight.  More to come tomorrow!


Amanda said...

Anna (Wojtalik) Batz said Michelle Duggar made me look like an underacheiver, lol. The only opinion I have about the Duggars is that they are idiots. LOL

I never understood o.co. Because, at least on my computer with auto-fill, it comes up as soon as I start typing it, lol.

Melissa said...

If you look like an underachiever than I'm just a clown... Not that anyone should try to enter the competition.