Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Once again, per demand, Ann

It seems that I am constantly behind these days.  There is not much to be said about that, if you're near me then you know everything that's going on.  So, as opposed to becoming long winded in this post here are catch up pictures and first birthday, plus a few little fun videos.


First time with pasta:
 Although I should get the picture of her having pasta the next time.  It's on Chad's phone.  True spaghetti noodles everywhere.

A weekly picture:

Walking on the beach:

A visit with her Aunt:

More weekly pictures:

Bubbles!  She asks for them constantly:

A quick view of her playing with her elephant toy:

Building blocks:

Although, now she is up to stacking six before they fall.

And on her first birthday, in a moment that she was feeling better from the ear infection and before the rash developed, we enjoyed our pictures at home and then out and about in downtown Charleston.

First, it's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to!

But my friends make it better:

Then in downtown:

Having a handle to carry her with helps:

And finally, our birthday chocolate chip cookie (please excuse the conversation, Chad always forgets when I'm using the video portion and I want to share this too bad to keep it to myself):

And after the cookie it's outside for giggles and grins:

Last, but not least is the years worth of growth pictures.  Not fancy, but all together:

What's up next is that the growth pictures now change to monthly.  I return to regular blogging on Sunday's as that is ulitmately what worked best for me before.  I also am planning once again participating in NaBloPoMo to get all of my thoughts down on "paper" (and I keep thinking of topics to discuss).

More to come later (per usual) but had to get this out there before it slipped away.

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