Thursday, June 09, 2011

A little of this and that

Okay, here are two pet peeves that I've been meaning to write about and never get to it that I just need to get off my chest before I delve into the pictures and such.

1.  Sarah Palin - seriously people, why do we still pay attention to this woman.  Forget the Republican versus Democrat stuff, I am staunchly in the middle with opinions that fall to both sides when we pick the big ticket issues.  I did not like President Bush and did not vote for him and at the same time I do not like President Obama and did not vote for him either so... take it to mean what you want.  But really, why do we continue to give her the time of day and take her seriously?  When the going got tough in Alaska she couldn't cut it and she quit, you really want some one who does that to be your president when you know it going in?

2.  Closed Captioning - I feel so bad for those who have to use this to know what is going on on television.  I find myself using it more and more due to issues with my ears and I am appalled.  There are so many times when it is just plain wrong on every level or skips over whole sections of conversations.  And I understand that in live tv there will be a little bit of a delay and spelling mistakes, but this is constant and even on scripted tv.  I'm going to write to these companies that flash up their website at the end of the show and start giving them a piece of my mind.

Now that we have that out of the way, onto the pictures:

Last weeks picture before heading off to Anderson

Graduation and festivities in Anderson:

 He won't admit it, but he's jealous:

 Grandpa playing with Ann, especially since she was warry of him at first since she doesn't get to see him that often:
 Realizing that it's time to eat and I'm taking pictures instead of feeding her:

 The festivities were nice but Ann's glad to be back at home and on her schedule.  She's doing so much and enjoying new things such as these:

We are also playing in the kitchen, I'm going to regret this but I gave her these to play with.  Right now all is quiet with these, but Ann is really enjoying hamming it up for the camera:

 And then you have more of her just playing.  I tried to edit to just the first few seconds of this next video, which are what I want to share, but I uploaded the wrong one so it's longer.  Anyway, I know the grandparents enjoy just getting to watch:

And showing off those pulling up skills again to get to her favorite part of the toy she's playing with:

And she continues to be such a ham:

 This weeks pictures:

 And this morning, while I was sitting there watching her with the stool, she crawled over and put her hands up on the couch.  Ann is not going to be happy crawling for long, she's ready to walk!

More to come later, now to go see if I can fix my pet peeves with this computer and it thinking it knows what I want when I gave no such direction to to some of the things it's doing... but that's another rant for another day!


Amanda said...

Ok first, I can't believe your siblings are old enough to graduate. I feel extremely old right now. (And I got your text. HILARIOUS! At least our generation had MAYBE heard about Gene Autry from our grandparents, but this generation, I daresay they are clueless, lol.)

Second, do not EVEN get me started on Sarah Palin. She's an idiot.

And third, I can't wait to see you guys! Ann is getting so big! I guess I better dig out that baby gate, eh? :)

Melissa said...

Sorry, I'm just now seeing your comment! I forgot to update the email address that these comments go, I'm so bad! I'm not ignoring you.

And yea, that first subject, that's all I'm willing to say, I won't even go there with the rest of it.

I can't wait to see you guys either. Only dig out the baby gate if you desire. It's my job to keep Ann out of trouble so do what you're comfortable with. You wouldn't believe how much more it seems like she's started to do just since I posted this. Talk to you soon!