Monday, June 13, 2011

Maybe things are going a little too fast...

So, I worked the weekend and Ann and Chad clearly had fun together.  Chad even took pictures of Ann for me.  His words to me about the pictures, "maybe she wants to be a gymnast:"
 I swear, I don't think I've ever been able to do a split like that, but my mom will tell me if I'm wrong.

Chad was also telling me about another of Ann's new tricks that he didn't photograph for me, shame as I thought it would be cute.  Apparently Ann decided it would be best to show me this herself this morning:

 I just love that she turns to "smile" for the camera.

 And then we went to a friends baby shower where there were lots of my coworkers babies and when Ann got home she wanted to make it clear how big she is by showing you one of her top teeth as well:

But truly, I've known that she wants to be bigger, that she thinks she's the best, most adorable baby in the world (and perhaps I'm biased but I tend to agree, that for her age, she is) (can't forget all my primaries that have also been the most adorable babies in the world during their time) but I wasn't prepared to be grabbing the camera for more pictures and turn around to find this:
 In fact I so didn't believe it that I had to give her incentive to do it again, the remote control:

Heaven help us now, she is moving way to fast...

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Amanda said...

So....maybe just the baby gate on the stairs then? And we'll leave the baby lock on the cabinet under the sink, lol. :)