Thursday, March 24, 2011

I find myself overwhelmed

It still amazes me how quickly time passes and that I don't take better advantage of it.  My thoughts have been filled with a million blog posts that I have not gotten to because I let time slip by.  Things that show that my life is full of other activities too - such as how I really feel bad for those who have to rely on closed captioning because it is incorrect more often than not; my hobbies and projects, plans and other things. It doesn't help that I'm distracted by stunts like this:

"I can do it, mommy, now get that camera away!"
I'm uploading video to youtube now but because I can't get to edit it right now (agian, time restraints) it's going to take me awhile (90 minutes) to get it uploaded so I won't have that to show until later.  Meanwhile, here is Ann at play yesterday.  Thursday weekly pictures have not been taken yet but will be taken later today.

"Aren't I hot stuff standing by myself!"
Not to wish my time away but she will be a lot happier once she does figure out how to get here on her own!

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