Friday, December 17, 2010

A quick trip

Ann, Chad and I took a quick trip to see grandparents last week.  We managed to see all of her grandparents and we also went on to Kentucky to see my grandmothers.  

 It was a really nice visit with all and I wish to do it again if the opportunity is available.  I'm just sorry it was so short.

Otherwise life continues here.  We haven't started decorating for Christmas, but I think we will be doing that this weekend.  Ann is now nine weeks old:

 And getting bigger all the time (of course, what else do babies do?) Now she will hold on to toys if we put them in her hands for brief periods and she's sucking on her fingers too.

Today will bring our two month shots, so wish me luck.  But I also get to see how much she has grown as suddenly she seems so big to me.

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