Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Behind, so very behind

And mostly due to my own procrastination.  Of course, the baby that had been wanting to feed every hour until I took a suggestion from my Nurse Practitioner had nothing to do with that.  ; )

But, come New Years, that's my goal - to work on that procrastination and become better at not doing it!  I know I gave up this years goals due to pregnancy, but that's going to be the one for next year (don't give up hope on me though, I'm sure that given two weeks I'll be waxing poetic on the other things I want to be able to accomplish in the year that I didn't do this year, mostly pertaining to arts and crafts...

And now that I have that out of the way, I'm told that I'm behind on pictures.  Here you are:

It's been cold here in Charleston (and I do mean legitimately cold, high's in the 40's, not Southern cold of high's in the 60's I did get some of my parents Kentucky blood and am not bothered when the high's are in the 60's I love that)  so here we are before we add the last layer (a blanket over the legs) to go out:

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