Sunday, November 14, 2010

1 month

I can't believe it has been 1 month for Ann.  In that month she's grown 1 inch to be 20 1/4 inches and is now 7lb 11oz (as of Friday).  Which is a load of pressure off of this NNICU nurses mind as I've been overly worried about feeding.  I could even let her sleep longer at night if I wanted to.  And at some point I will (she gets a sleep period of ~5 hours and would go longer if I let her and yes I am well aware of how lucky I am) I just have to figure out my plan for that.  But the fact that the DR. was willing to say that I could stretch out the sleeping periods if I wanted to said loads to me.

I am also easily amused at being able to watch an infant progress as an infant should since I unfortunately don't get to do that often.  Sometimes now I'm amazed at how determined she can be to move at tummy time:

 And she has managed a few accidental rolls.  I'll walk into the kitchen for water and come back to look at her and she's on her side looking at me like "okay, how do I get to do this again?"

And, even though we just had "group" pictures on Thursday, we had to do group pictures again for today:
 I think here she's plotting with Cookie Monster about how to make the great escape:

 And each day she loves her little gym more and more.  And she's slowly starting to make cooing noises and other experimental noises as she should be.
I get to go see how I'm doing tomorrow (well, by the time most of you read this today) and hopefully will be able to go back to karate this week.  But I'm not optimistic or anything.  I actually think that my NP should be proud of me for holding out this long seeing as since I was no longer carrying a child in me, I did not follow all instructions to a T.  (Don't life anything over 10lbs for x weeks - HA!, Don't drive for 2 weeks - try the 2nd day!) All things that really depend on making sure you keep it in check and are aware of what your body can handle.

And it's hard to believe that the holiday's are upon us.  Seeing as I was so busy with everything earlier this year (putting together my packet for my promotion, working at the dojo and NNICU, getting Ann's room ready,etc) I am not going to accomplish what I want to for presents this year.  What this means for me is that I need to write down these ideas now and organize them to do them month by month next year so I can actually give the things I want to!

So there is minor crafting going on here.  Nothing I'm showing at the moment.  I get to craft when I'm feeding Ann (the reading to her is usually reserved for night time as it soothes her so much she'll fall completely asleep on me) during the day and is really reserved for planning or crochet.  Granted, if it was a simple sock pattern I could probably manage to knit too.  I just haven't tried it yet, as I think working the crochet hook (and a Tunisian crochet hook at that) is enough for now.  I'm making a rug for our kitchen as we need something to prevent the grease and other splatters that I make from getting all over our wood floors.

But I do have one idea that I'm plan on using in bulk for gifts this year that I will hold off sharing as many of you will be recieving it.  It is not too overly ambitious (as you see how much I'm writing now, somehow I found the time to do this) as it is smaller than some of the projects that only take me an hour or two.  That helps.

And I find that I've rambled enough for now.  I'm off to feed Ann and then go to sleep for a few hours.  Later all!

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