Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Time is slipping away...

I blink and now it's September.  I had lots of posts and things to talk about between now and then too.  What can I say but sorry. 

I am closer now to being organized though, for what that is worth, and I know here soon I'm going to have lots to share with everyone. 

The countdown is on for everyone involved with just a little over four weeks until my due date.  Current pictures of me can be found on facebook but seeing as I have a new ultrasound tomorrow and I know everyone is going to want those pictures as soon as possible I will putting up another post here tomorrow evening (after my many appointments, meetings, and karate).

Just wanted to let everyone know I am thinking of you and going to get back on the weekly blogging bandwagon as soon as Pumpkin comes as I have other blogs to upkeep as well for work, so once again this will be a habit.  (Plus, I know all the grandparents will insist being that they are so far away!)

See you tomorrow!

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