Friday, August 13, 2010

I'd like to say I'm using time wisely

but being the procrastinator that I am, I'm being very slow with all sorts of things that have to be done.  Never mind the fact that I am actually busy.  (Most of you know my schedule, not to mention that since the last time I updated you all I am now trying for a "promotion" at work based on a project I've been working on for over one year.)

There has been a lot happening, Our little pumpkin looks good, and I have more ultrasound pictures to prove it:

That's the little face.  Pumpkin is getting big (seeing as on Sunday it is only 8 weeks left until our due date, that's wonderful news to hear) and is either a stubborn child or a well prepared child (taking after daddy in that case) and likes to lay head down facing towards my back and keep the hands up near the head. Like this one, the hand is covering the mouth:
The thing about 3d images is that the bigger they are, the more cramped it is in there and the harder it is to see things with all the fluid floating around and willingness of the baby.
But sometimes you can get funny faces like this and see that Pumpkin is filling out quite nicely (our little premies in the unit start looking like normal little babies at this point, instead of the extremely fragile babies that they've looked like before, not so say that they are not still extremely fragile or have a lot to do still because they do, but it seems like parents start bonding better at this point because the little ones don't look so scary anymore and more fit mom and dad's image they held in their minds)
And of course, the foot that is growing bigger by the day (and nudging me all the time)

We went to Anderson for a quick (very quick) trip last weekend for Andrew's wedding to his beautiful bride Amber and while we were there somehow the families (between my parents moving and the wedding) managed to find the time to through us a surprise (to me) baby shower.  They pulled it off as well as I didn't expect it until I walked into the hotel it was at and saw my dad through the window.  I am very thankful and working on thank you cards now for everyone.  All consider it payback for the surprise party that Chad and I held for them to tell them we were expecting Pumpkin.

Well, it's back to cleaning and working on my projects for me.  Really I just had to come and share the pictures.

Later all!

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