Friday, March 12, 2010

Back in Middle School

Working with the after school kids has transported me back to middle school (and unfortunately, these are elementary schoolers I'm working with) and when I was "gimping". I think many of us went through the stage of using the plastic lace to make keychains and such.

Well, the after school kids have discovered this and I have plastic lace laying around. Needless to say when I go in for Fun Friday today I'm bringing some with me. All I ever accomplished though was the basic square and circle. Today I have found these sites:

and while the second link has a lot of uncompleted stitches, there is still a lot for me to get out of it.

At least for the time being I'm still one up on the kids, they are just now getting the hang of the square stitch.


Anna said...

Hi! I found you through a forum posting about "oil sausage." You said your husand's grandfather wanted some. In Georgia, you can purchase Prairie Belt sausages (in a yellow can!) at most any small-town grocer or Dollar General stores. I'm actually eating some right now! If you haven't already found these and want more information, you can contact me at

Anna said...

Just after I sent the last comment, I found a retailer for these online! You should be able to order them (along with an assortment of other oddball foods)here:

Melissa said...

Thank you for thinking of me but unfortunately Grandpa says that these are not the sausages he is talking about as we purchased these for him already. He says they are completely different.