Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WIP Wednesday

So, it was a good thing I posted my coupon post as I forgot that I still need to upload software and everything to get the video to work out on my computer (it's been that long since I made a video).

There is actual crafting at the end of this all, but not much and it's mostly an experiment to see if I could wrap my head around a concept.

Mostly my major WIP will be this:

For my craft room. And yes, the sample of the rag rolling on top are the colors I decided to go with. Chad let me pick for the craft room and while I said I would have a lot of green in the house if I went with this (the downstairs bathroom is Sherwin Williams Eco Green) I still did it as it's my craft room (when I don't have guests) and I want it to be soothing to me.

I will do that as soon as I finish organizing this:

Yes, those are almost all of my shelves that Chad put up for me. There are two more that you can't see, hence my new step stool as well (I hate being short). The top one is full of games and puzzles. Looking up at them from the ground looks something like this:
And yes, with the step stool I can actually reach everything on the top shelf (it's stacked higher than you can appreciate in this picture, practically touches the ceiling)

To the left side of the closet is the majority of the yarn storage:

The opposite side of the closet does not have a basket set in it so that Chad will have a place to put his wood when not in use. After all, he's a crafter now too! I'm going to get a book case from him out of the deal - I'm not complaining at all.

So, the actual crafting that I talk about is here:

I do have this cross-stitch mini kit, and I am working on it since I opened it. I did not open it though so I could work the cross-stitch. No, I found it necessary amidst all my other projects to figure out how to do peyote stitch so I can do beaded tapestries from cross-stitch patterns without a loom.

Yes, for whatever reason that was one more thing I needed to add to my repertoire of projects now of all times. Yes, as I prepare for my gift giving season. And it's not even for a present in December, it's for one in January!

I need my head examined, I fear my siblings have rubbed off on me too much.

My first attempt was pitiful and was not thrown away only to show others that I am not perfect at everything I do, especially when first trying:

It's supposed to lay flat. So when I make this strip flat it looks like this:

It's not supposed to curve like that either. Needless to say I'm not working on that strip anymore. It's just didnt' feel right at all.

My second attempt is still not satisfactory to me, and I have theories as to why that is, but at least it's starting to look like something:

Some of you may not be able to tell but it's (accidently backwards for the shot but never mind that) the bottom of the above picture. I'm going to keep working even though this is also irregular but I believe that this is because the beads are not the same thickness (be proud of me I'm using stash up in practice). I'm sure I'll be taking a trip to my favorite local bead shop soon for pointers (plus I'll ask my sister-in-law who has been doing bead work longer than I have).

So that's it for me. December crafts are in the works as I finish the organization and painting!

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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