Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekley Update

It's Sunday once again! Welcome back to our weekly update on Sundays with minimal news to report.

Essentially I can say the same thing as I did last week. Work continues, karate continues, organizing continues for both Chad and myself. I try not to speak to much of work for multiple reasons, karate is only interesting when I have pictures or news, and seriously if you've met me you know that I'm not truly organized so becoming so is harder than it should be.

But those are my projects I'm organizing for the rest of the year and to be better prepared next year. Plus the craft room (formerly the office) paint colors have been picked out and purchased. Tuesday after I attend a class that I need in the morning (BLS teaching training stuff) I start painting!

In other knitty gritty details is that I'm going to try to be a coupon clipper to see what type of money Chad and I can save on the groceries. Not that we spend exorbitant amounts but it's nice to save.

I also find that the end of the year is upon us (I can not believe it is already the middle of November, what has happened here!) and I am prematurely reflecting on the year and what I may want to achieve next year. I will spare you the details for now, but it's really been on my mind.

And that does us for this week. Expect news on painting progress and other plans as they become more defined next week. Additionally tomorrows post will be late in the day because on top of work, tomorrow night is one of many karate nights (technically, there is a class for me to take five nights a week!) so it will be after ten by the time I get home. My mom calls me crazy but such is life!

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