Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday News Review

A note to everyone who may have trouble reading this.  I realize that the black does not show well against my background and this only shows in black when I email the blog from my post.  I am trying to set my email to different colors to see if that helps others read this but last week when I did this several places saw blank commentary as it then emailed and published to some blog feeds as white text.  This week I'm trying a pale yellow to see what that does.  If you are still having trouble reading my commentary, please highlight the sections and you will see what I've written.
It's Saturday, so once again it is time to review the news articles I've found interesting.  I've been looking mostly at MSN this week so I fear all of the articles come from there.
I wonder just how it was used to interrupt school.  Said repetedly every five minutes for the entire day - I completly understand.  Just randomly used to be cute... well then I'm confused.  But just goes to show you I can certainly find a lot of things Henson related!
It's very intriguing to me what people will do to get into the record book.  Some of these events hardly seem as if they are safer than the marathons that have been banned from being in the books.  I really feel that there are a lot of people who just make up their own category.  I've never looked into what it would take to have a category, perhaps I should do that.  After all, I'm not one who would think that pulling a bus with my hair or ears is something most would think of.
Wow, I am amazed at what some people do.  I can't call this a good or a bad thing as I can't imagine using it myself.  I understand the concept and the (blown out of proportion by the media) fears and can not fault the inventor for this.  I'm a little bit awestruck by this one.
The things some people will do... and the things they don't even think of!  It amazes me the amount of stupid calls people will make to 911.  If only we could convince them to to that to the operator.
That will do it for the news today.  Our weekly news coming up tomorrow!

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