Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekley Update

Here we are, another Sunday and I've almost let this day slip by me. So here's the rundown from the week.

I've been busy at usual, actually being productive but not in truly visual form. This means that I've accomplished a few things at work - I am the head of a committee so that meeting was productive yet again. I've been precepting a student who will be graduating in December and that is moving well. She really has a grasp for this field of nursing. Additionally I have moved forward with final touches from the participants from the dojo's St. Judes' fundraiser.

We did have a new program start at the dojo this week so in addition to being a Wado Ryu student I am now also a student of the American Pressure Point System. If your interested (yes, insert shameless plug here) you should check us out. Japan Karate Institute, North Charleston

No crafting and organizing for me in the past week, but I worked four days at MUSC with my meeting on the fifth day and I also worked my time at the dojo. There is a much better outlook for me this week, especially seeing as Chad has been productive in his few days off.

Chad has also accomplished sliding into the responsiblities at his new posistion at work. No change to his schedule yet, but we really don't anticipate his move to day shift until January or later.

He's been helping to pick out pain colors for the rooms in the house, spurred by the fact that a very special person I know want's to offer me a discount on paint.

Chad also surprised me by helping me to finish up the desk that we've been putting together to move our computer out into the dining room (the help isn't the surprise part) than pulling everything out of the office closet (surprise!) teasing me a little bit, and showing me all of the shelves that he has put into the closet for me to organize all of my craft things!

So, the computer is moved and we are just moving through the usual occurences. Nothing exciting, but that's what we get. I don't know what all is planned for this week but I'm sure we will try to see some movies and I've got plenty to do around here.

I'm off to do some more work, see you tomorrow with the picture for Monday!

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