Saturday, November 07, 2009

Newsworthy Saturday

I've not kept up well with the news this week.  Not as well as I usually do.  What I have seen is major headlines and creepy headlines, so I'll think I'll stay away from those.  That said my heart goes out to the families of both shootings that happened.
As I've already discussed with you this week (with more to come) Sesame Street is turning 40!:
I love Sesame Street (and most anything else Henson related) in case you haven't figured that out so I will be expanding on this topic further on Tuesday when the 40th season premieres!
I was intrigued by this article that just points out to me how much we still have to learn about this planet we are on:
This certainly isn't the first article I've seen this year about different and new species believed to be found.
Sometimes I peruse the UK and other English speaking news sources to try to stray out of my own little world and perspective and while this may have shown up in USA news sources as odd news, I found it while on the UK site for MSN:
So much for that being the one thing humans had going for us.  I already knew other species such as dolphins enjoyed the pleasure but had not seen it in this aspect.  Perhaps I leaad a sheltered life.
So, that does me for the news this week.  I look forward to more articles with longer commentary next week now that I'm truly searching for them.
This weeks happenings with Chad and myself tomorrow!

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