Sunday, March 08, 2009

Only moderately inspired

So, Chad and I had to get a new computer due to the fact that something has happened to our old one (and in technology terms it was "ancient" once we realized that we had had it before we moved to Charleston) and that kept us off line for the absence that you saw.

Alas, not too much happened - yet I always say that - in our absence. I finished two overdue gifts and have started the last before I organize myself for this years gift giving season. Especially seeing as I have decided on one set way to organize myself to giving gifts this year.

My orientation to the post-partum world has been going well. I enjoy it and for me it is a mental break. It is very busy and those nurses certainly work their tails off with the way patients typically come and go with in 24-72 hours. I have this final week on orientation before I return to my NNICU world with only one scheduled day on post-partum each 4 week cycle that we complete our schedules in from now on (that doesn't mean I won't be down there more with the way that our census is going).

Chad's not doing much of anything out of the ordinary. He continues to work out and is still planning his next project - but before he starts on that he plans on staining his work table.

I have joined our Senpai (assistant teacher) academy in Karate which adds an extra class to my schedule when work allows it and has me volunteering one class a week to learn to teach and guide the classes. I am working hard on my karate right now as the count down to my red belt test is on and I'm determined that I'm going to get this belt! 3/21 is the day to watch for.

That mentioned, this is going to be quite a busy month for me as I have alread seen me schedule and there is a lot on it. Don't be surprised if there is lapses in posting for this reason.

I did manage to read quite a bit in February by getting through 4.5 books. I read half of the Kite Runner and skimmed through the rest before having to turn it back into the library. I then read the second book of The Sign of Seven series I'm reading by Nora Roberts entitled Blood Brothers. I then finished up by reading the remaining Stephenie Meyer's books I had to read from the Twilight series (New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn). I missed reading like this - I know I won't be able to keep up this pace but it was nice to have a month of this many books read again.

I'm now reading Marley and Me and have reading assignments for Karate to start as well (I have a year to do them) and am waiting for books to be returned to the library so that I may check them out.

I can't think of anything more to tell you all about right now but I'm sure I'll come up with more later. Perhaps, when I get my day off this week I'll be able to update pictures for you, but first I need to do more fiddling with my computer and getting old pictures onto it.

Which does remind me of one more thing - our computer arrived ont he same day my camera came back! The weather's nice this week so maybe the day that Chad and I share the day off I'll try to talk him into wandering around with me!

Later all!

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