Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a little thought

Cleaning has slowed down a little bit, but I'm going to be getting back on track this weekend so that I can bring new stuff into the house on Monday (hey, I've got to support the new yarn store opening in my area don't I!). Plus the back log of one or two projects that I'm ready to get out of here but haven't yet because tiny details are getting to me about them.

I'll just have to bite the bullet and finish them so they can get out of my mind!

But other thoughts that have been on my mind recently are I wonder, as I get into the "luxury" yarns - wool, unmercerized cotton, alpaca, mohair, etc - just how many people I know that I give gifts to would be willing to care for the items. These types of yarns require hand washing at the very least and I'm not sure how many people I am willing to knit/crochet for are into that type of hand care for items.

It's something I'll have to find out over the coming year if I'm going to keep my plan in place.

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