Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Running Behind - Amy and Anja Visit plus a Karate test.

Let me apologize for running behind. I have way overestimated what I wanted to do for Christmas this year and am behind on EVERYTHING. I have a plan to take care of that but we will leave that post for when it's most appropriate - My New Years Day update.

First my cousin, Amy, came from Germany with her girlfriend Anja and I really enjoyed their visit.

The above two pictures are, in order, Amy and Anja at a little cafe in the Market.

We took it easy just wandering through Charleston and enjoying Charleston sights. The market, Rainbow Row, dogs enjoying a carriage ride:

Actually I was highly amused by it. The one in the back is nice and relaxed too.

Anja really enjoyed the weather, asking at one point how is it we could know it was December. When they were here the weather was in the 70's. Today and yesterday it was in the 40's and 50's but the weather will return to the 70's for Christmas Eve and Christmas... yea, I'm not sure what to think about that.

But anyway, Anja enjoyed being able to walk around in shorts in December.

We went to the water front park and enjoyed watching the birds:

But it was really to foggy to see much else (except to know that I need to have my camera cleaned...) I thought I got a good picture of the pineapple fountain in the fog:

And luckily the fog had cleared from that area for Amy and Anja to be able to get a traditional Charleston picture by the time we walked to it:

We really enjoyed wandering around, and I even found ... wait, can you guess... Another Frog!!

Not to mention I know of a few more I have to go get pictures of... (encourage me or don't it's not going to stop me).

Of course, what else can be done next but head to the beach in 70 degree weather. Anja was wading. I being native to SC refrained. Although I have waded in November before.
Next up was my karate test. Sensei Dru was able to spend the time documenting the task:

As Chad enjoyed getting some pictures of her doing so and me in the actual test:

And I did pass! That mean in March I go for my red belt. Which makes me roughly 1-1.5 years away from Black Belt. I now have to get serious and really buckle down and build my endurance to get ready for that. My tests are getting harder as I have to complete tasks for longer intervals (want to come, let me know I'll tell you when the next one is and you're free to come and watch). The only difficulty I had in this last test was completing my push ups at the end... See how shiny that floor is - sweaty hands, push ups, and that floor don't mix. I ended up flat on my face multiple times.

And the last picture is of Kohai Bryce and me:
Even though he's young he really knows his stuff and has helped me get my head together with my kata's for these past two tests!

I'll talk to you all again soon. Happy Holidays (as I know many people celebrating all the holidays that are happening right now) everyone!

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