Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wish List

So, how tired are you all of hearing me say that things are status quo here. . . Yea, I am too. It's wonderful, it really is. And I really don't want to change that. It just doesn't make for very interesting blogging.

Unfortunately, since I last blogged (twice) on Thursday, I've been working and unable to work on my knitting, so here's where it could potentially get really boring for you.

I'm part of a swap going on right now (yes, I'm that much of a dork) where people are sending each other their favorite things. Makes it really easy for me, I pick three of my favorite things and send them along for someone else to (hopefully) enjoy. I'm almost done putting together my package for my partner, but I've also fallen into the trap as some in the group have of keeping their partner a secret and surprising them. So, you won't here about what I'm sending my person until I have word that that person has received it. I hope to get this package out soon.

That said, I have the same thing happening to me. There is a person out there right now, looking at my blog, my ravelry profile, my various postings, and emailing me for information on myself. That's because so many of us (myself included) worry that we're going to like something that someone else hates and don't want to send that. In addition, we want to add little extras to our packages to make it enjoyable (as if receiving some random gifts weren't enjoyable enough).

In that matter, I have been asked if I had an Amazon Wish list or some books that I would like to post on here that I would like.

As I sat down to try to do this today, I realized that this could serve me two purposes - you see, there are people who have seen my Christmas list and have told me that it's too strange. I believe the exact quote from my sister Sarah is "Why can't she ever ask for anything normal?!"

Personally I didn't think there was any problem with my original list with the exception of one strange out lier on it (taken from my email to my mother with one item omitted as I think it's already in the works):

The Original Parent Trap with Haley Mills
Digital scrap booking software
A nice sturdy calculator that I can take to work that will survive dropping etc and that I can fit in my scrub pockets
wool yarn for felting (a good brand that I can find in my Michaels is Patons Classic Merino Wool) doesn't matter how much there are hundreds of patterns
Any thing else knitting/crocheting related - I typically purchase from KnitPicks or Webs and the only thing I'm picky about is that my needles have to be metal but I should be good on needles for now.
Stand alone kicking bag

And what I thought about that can be made is Stitch Markers. They have some nice examples on this page at KnitPicks but I've made them with clay, string, and beads before too and can use them on all size needles from 1.75mm (US size 00) to 10mm (US size 15).

Do you see the out lier? If you think about the fact that I take karate, if you haven't noticed it already you may. And that's only on there to poke fun at the fact that every year my brother and I have to ask for something way overly ambitious that we'll never get.

Actually the whole list is overly ambitious, but as we've discussed before I'm a very spoiled person.

That said, I went to my wish list that I have never shared before, took off the items I had since purchased for myself and was no longer interested in, and added items I have a fancy for. Yes, most are craft related but just as many are related to Jim Henson. (Shake your heads, I don't care). Maybe that will give Sarah some better ideas (although, personally I think that the stitch markers should be right up her ally).

So, here it is, hope you can at least get a laugh out of it.

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