Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This is a bear on drugs...

This is a bear:

And this is a bear on drugs:

It's a danger that's out there folks, and we all should be warned. Keep your bears away from the drugs as it's not pretty...

Now, seriously. The second time around, things are supposed to look better right? Right?

Not for me apparently. I'm currently, amidst my other knitting making teddy bears as I want to give several baby shower knits and I love making stuffed animals. They are such a quick knit for me.

It's one area though, where I think I need help as I don't like my seaming abilities and my embroidery abilities, I feel leave a lot to be desired as I'm not usually satisfied with the finished product.

Well, lets' just say that now that I'm working on my second bear, I like my first one a lot better. The difference, with the first bear I put him completely together then embroidered the features on, with this second one I have embroidered the features on using a "tip" from a website I frequent that said to stuff the head, mark where you want the features, then take out the stuffing and embroider.

I'm sure that works for those without depth perception problems but clearly that's not me.

Need a side by side comparison:

And just for clarification - I was not sleep deprived or under any influences when I did the embroidery either.

In other knitting news, my shawl has moved to a bigger circular needle, so I thought I would give you a clear pre-blocking shot of the middle before it's a lump again that you look at and wonder what I could be thinking:

I can't wait to see it blocked. And I guess that means I need to get busy. I'm off to fix the bear, wish me luck as it seems I may not improve with time...

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