Monday, October 20, 2008

A package for me!

One thing that it seems the internet has provided people is a way to make friends all over, by doing random things like swaps - or you send somebody something that someone sends you something.

I'm sure I've mentioned that I've been in one before and now I'm participating in my second swap. Each of us have a different partner, so I have not sent my package to my partner yet (it's going in the mail tomorrow though, as soon as part of the package finishes drying - don't ask, I'll tell you later) but I have just received my package from my partner.

This particular swap focuses on favorite things of the sender - so in other words I am sending some of my favorite things to my spoilee (right now, she doesn't know who I am) and today I received my package from Ravelry user Puggerhugger:

Just so you can go through a little of the excitement with me, here is what I saw immediately upon opening:
And of course I grab out the handmade bag first:
to find Noro inside with Addi's for it. I'm very excited, now I have a nice bag to keep my traveling projects inside my purse instead of the ziplock with the endless holes poked through, a yarn I've never tried before but here so much about and new pair of addi's to add to my collection.

Next came this:
It is Calorimetry, from Knitty, in Kermit Green (swaps like this with knitters and crocheters are great as we always try to find a way to incorporate our persons favorites as well - Muppets and Green I'm so lucky!). I haven't found the time to make this yet, and it seems like it will come in handy for me living in Charleston as I don't wear a heavy coat much - despite being native to South Carolina.

Next, chocolates:

Yummy, can't wait!

A nice Yankee Candle is next, maybe I'll indulge myself and burn it this evening.

A well loved book - She sacrificed one of her copies to me as it's out of print and one of her favorite books. The description sounds exciting - I'm sure I'll be starting this soon as I just finished my last book.

And then this set:

Pugs are her favorite - and she really has a cute one, I've seen his picture - so this nice little notebook came.
I already know what's going in the notebook - the list of items I'd like to keep in mind for yarn at SAFF this weekend. Not that it's going to matter that I take a list but I'm going to try!

The folded papers in the notebook, unpictured, are a hard copy of Calorimetry for me to have. (I need to remember to get more page protectors and a bigger notebook for my hard copies of these internet patterns so I don't lose them and have to reprint).

And finally a nice note in a Tinkerbell card!

Thank you Puggerhugger, I am indeed spoiled!


puggerhugger said...

I'm so glad that you like it! I know the calorimetry is more of a headband but your hair will look cute with it. Plus they are fun to knit!

sprite said...

I came over from Ravelry to see what you got.

What a fun package. Hooray for generous swappers!