Saturday, October 04, 2008

A little late

One thing that I haven't posted about yet is that while my mom was here Chad had the opportunity to go with Grandpa and his mom and stepfather to Grandpa's family reunion. I've been really slow about getting the pictures uploaded, but at last here they are.

I will have to get Chad and Grandpa to help me out with some of who's later, so I'll let you all know when I can, if you ask about anyone that is.

This is the tree lined street that Grandpa's sister lives on (in beautiful Savannah)

Grandpa's sister's house:

The last picture is the three surviving brothers together. Grandpa's on the right.

They had a lot of fun while they were there and I'm told that I'm in trouble because I missed it and that I should have just gone ahead and brought Mom with me!

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