Thursday, June 26, 2008

Avoiding the real housework

So, have you gotten used to this pattern yet. Chad and I are back on our "usual schedules" and have nothing exciting or new to report. We've done a little more yard work and I'm a little more random in my work schedule.

My crafting has had fewer hours devoted to it than I would like lately from my knitting and crocheting all the way to my photography. I hope to change that after I clean the house. Or rather, hide all the things in the closet so I can't see them. That's been my method of cleaning all my life - it got me in trouble once or twice too.

Shoving items everywhere (in closets) when I clean leads me to find random things with items I wouldn't expect to see them. And it's that thought that stops me from cleaning. And it caries over into the rest of my life too.

Even now in my email accounts I find I have messages from people I don't have contact with anymore that are over 2 years old (if I were being completely honest with you I'd give you a better picture of how old some of those messages really are... but we won't go there).

My bookmarks aren't in any better shape. Some are categorized, but 90% I really don't use so I tell myself I should go through and delete them. But I may want it one day. Just may...

The same goes for the buckets upstairs in my second bedroom that I blogged about 2 years ago now remain packed and unorganized and un-scanned as I just can't bring myself to do it.

I know I need to. I would feel better if I did. But I can't.

And so I shove it in closets and ignore it until I look at my bookmark list again.

This really could be a very long process of self denial...

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