Thursday, March 30, 2006

Woah, what a ride.

First a memorium:

To my most unusual pet.

I am sorry that you were injured and that you will no longer be obstructing my ability to get gas in my truck.

You are missed.

So, my hiatus took me away to Anderson and then accounted for the time I would have to work when I came back. I am now on a dangerous emotional ride that I am inducing on myself.

How is that you ask? Well, look at my second bedroom:

Those are the buckets (they have been condensed, I threw out a lot of trash) of belongings that I had in my parents attic.

They contain all my "treasured" (some are some are less so) memories from the time I could start collecting stuff until . . . well, I started keeping stuff with me in my house so, now everything (except my precious places playsets) are in my possession.

Here are some of the contents in they're jumbled up forms:

Upon cursory glances I am discovering treasured pictures notes, programs and such. Here are a few pics:
I know this is in my Grandmothers house in Kentucky. I think just before or after the eighth grade. My cousin probably took this pic.

My hubby's family in '99.

A friend on tacky day during spirit week in HS.

Junior prom with my best friend in HS.

Oh, the things teachers made us do in middle school. I'm some Greek or Roman Goddess here as is Eric. Lucky us to have photographic evidence.

From Beowulf, a play I was in in the tenth grade. (I think tenth.)

As for crafting content. With all that I have brought back I am more determined than ever to scrapbook and are starting some for Christmas presents for multiple people. So that is all you will hear about those, just know it is one more things in my list of crafts that I am doing. But you may see more of the pics that will be going into them. You see some above and have previously seen some. You'll just have to wait and see.

In knitting content you get a picture of yarn for meatballs. And pasta.

That's right. A special someone will recieve a FSM! I just have to work on it.

I really meant for this post to be more interesting but I'm distracted because I can't locate two things that are important and I want. My husbands hs diploma and a photo album of my three week trip to DC in '98.

Hmmm, they have to be here somewhere. So I will be posting as I find interesting things in my memories and hopefully will have lots more pics and stuff to show you soon.

I don't think my apartment is going to recover from this.

Later all!

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