Thursday, May 08, 2008

In the middle of the night...

I go walking in my sleep....  No, not really.  I just typed in that title and that Billy Joel song (that I used to hate) ran through my head.  At least it gives me a break from my usual song running through my head - CCR's Looking out my Back Door (Don't ask, as I don't know why but it's been there for months).
No, in the middle of the night, this night anyway, I'm trying hard not to disturb "my" babies and let them be as they are not causing their monitors to alarm at this time and why mess with what's working.  I've done the bulk of my projects that I can do right now (work projects) and now I let other thoughts race through my mind.
This may not be a good thing as my personal thoughts may or may not make sense and may or may not run through mind in a logical order.  Is that enough to tell you already that this isn't going to... what can I say, I have to preserve the sane part of my mind for the babies...
No, seriously now, I have started to think in my "downtime" about two questions raised on one of the forums I visit.  The first, what are your 5 knitting strengths and the second the companion to that, what are your 5 knitting weaknesses?  And it's taken me a good little bit to find my answers.  But I've tried and I thought I would share them with you all.  (See there is a point to the post other than just rambling on in the middle of the night. )
5 Knitting Strengths:
1.  I'm willing to try to do anything if it's a pattern I'm interested in making.
2.  I'm able to take a project in peices and work through it instead of just believing that I can't do it because the directions are complicated.
3.  I'm not self concious about my technique and will use my technique even in public.
4.  I don't become intimidated by the amount of stitches that may be on the needles at the biggest part of the project
5.  I can put my work down in the middle of the row and come back to  it with out most major catastrophe's happen.  (I know some of you will discount this as I don't have pets or children but I've done this in my parents house too and that has both.)
5 Knitting Weaknesses
1.  I'm too easily willing to frog my projects (can we say 10 starts at least on my Feather and Fan...)
2.  I don't trust myself to work with expensive yarns.
3.  I underestimate the amount of time it takes me to complete projects.
4.  I constantly seek out approval for my yarn, color, and gauge choices...
5.  If I feel stuck on it I'll let the project hibernate out of fear of doing it wrong.
And you know, for me the same (except for number 5 in strengths) applies to me in crochet.
So, how about you all?  What are the five strengths and weaknesses in the crafts that you do?

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Amanda said...

I'm so bad about crafts. I started a cross stitch project like 3 months ago that said on the package it's a good WEEKEND project. I'm still not done. I'd say my biggest weakness with crafts is that I expect perfection and get frustrated too easily. It's unrealistic to think that it's going to look perfect, but I think it should, especially if I think it's easy. When I make a small mistake, it becomes overwhelming. With the cross stitch, I misunderstood how many strands of yarn to use, and when I was half way done with that color, I realized my mistake and became so frustrated that I put it down for about a month because I was just sure it was going to look horrible. Sad thing is? I don't think I have any pros to my crafts because I really just don't do them. I'm afraid it's going to turn out wrong because I can read too much into directions while trying to make sure I follow them to the letter. I envy you, because you can actually finish a project that looks amazing and it's something you can actually pass on to another person with pride. I wouldn't seek approval so much if I were you. You truly have talent. By the way, you're a few blankets short. :) I look forward to getting your homemade blankets for the kids. I think you left off at Aubrie. You made a really pretty pink one for Emma if I remember correctly. Those are by far the best baby gifts because the kids can pass them on, and their kids will have something from their great-aunt Melissa. :)