Sunday, May 04, 2008

And here comes May

I can't believe we're into May already.  Wow.  What's happened to the year so far?
I'm just now realizing that I haven't posted about my yearly goals since February.  So, lets start there:
(for the goals, I believe the  post is labeled along the lines of 2008 goals or so, back in the begining of January or end of December, I'll remember to link when I get home.)
Goal 1: umm, I'm still maintaining my weight loss and trimming some, but haven't put the full heart into it to get better and loose more.
Goal 2: Yes, I've produced much more craft wise.  I haven't gotten through my list yet, but I'm working on it and have many things to show for it.
Goal 3:  Half and half, I still scramble to pick up when people come over but, not as bad as before.
Goal 4: Yes, I just haven't listed them here.  In February I read a book my Grandma gave of hers by the name of Flash (name and author to come later after I get home).  In March I read the Carroll Spinney book The Wisdom of Big Bird and for April I read the yarnharlot's newest book - Things I learned from Knitting.  I also have several other books in progress (just like my knitting)  depending on where I am and the mood I'm in (just like my knitting).
Goal 5: No, no, no.  I  have to remedy this...
Goal 6: Fair, still more negative than positive but improving some.
Goal 7: So, so... another I have to change and work on more.
So, really there's  no other news to report.  The usual routine so far.  But next week I should have things to report (anniversary, etc)
Talk to you all soon!  And yes, I'm working on the videos...

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