Monday, March 31, 2008

Not as much as I thought...

Alas, per usual, I didn't get in as much as I wanted to in Anderson. I didn't even get as many pictures as I desired because I was told to "shove it" when I got my camera out and didn't feel like arguing.

Fun right.

But is was a nice visit and all the birthday presents went over well, with the next ones in the works already. Which, I'll show you in a minute. Daniel was the hardest to pick for this year and I came up with what I would give him hours before we left - I played with pictures and gave him some to display in his cubicle/office, including a nice framed one of his wife.

Other than that I'm just crafting and enjoying time off.

Knitting wise, I'm stalled on one pair of socks:

because I'm running out of yarn and won't be able to finish the toes until I get more yarn to match one of the colors in it.

I'm about to start a vest for myself and in general whatever else strikes my fancy. Which just may be more hedgehogs.

Here is one of the four finished Hedgehog birthday presents that Kelly proudly displays for you:
I have requests for many more unique ones.

And crochet wise, I'm still working on the tunisian project and I have started another afghan as a birthday present, this one for James (which I managed to work on and hide from him).
And that's my life for now. I'll try to make it more interesting soon and will talk to you all later!

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