Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're Back.

As I said before, I'm sorry for our absence over the past week. When I posted my C post, I had intended to come back and tell you about the rest of the day, as we were celebrating Chad's birthday and it just spilled over from that day into the rest of the week until we both returned to work.

It's really just been keeping busy around here.

So really, we've been to Lowes multiple time working on projects for the yard. We have finally gotten a shed, one of the cheaper ones from plastic resin and have put that together. We are replacing our plastic garden linings with stone, and so far around our front tree is completed and looks really good (pictures to come after completion.

Chad has decided that as the fish die he will not replace them and is going to get out of keeping an aquarium. Especially since we seem to have an infestation of starfish that we have no clue how they got there... They are really too little to tell from a picture that's what they are, but as one gets bigger (if we haven't sold everything by that point) I'll show you.

Instead, Chad wants to learn to play guitar. He's purchased one and is picking around on it in the spare time. I'm sure this will come in spurts as he is off.

We spent one day with Grandpa, his brother Vernon and Vernon's wife Edith down at their home in Georgia. The guys were squirrel hunting, but didn't see any to hunt but one who ran away to quickly. I saw the farm and the cows that the take care of before the guys went out hunting and then knit and chatted with Edith. We really enjoyed this day and hope to do it again.

For me it's been the above events and I have been working on knitting socks, and I helped with a ladies self defense seminar that Sensei Todd had for nursing students. I'm sure I'll be doing this again and I learned a lot.

The mystery project from the last time I posted has been gifted and well received by all who saw it. Hopefully Baby Bowen will love it just as much after he's born and is old enough to pick an object for comfort.

His mother loves sea turtles so that's what he got:

I really loved how this turtle turned out and I know I'll be making this one again.

And I believe that brings you up to speed on most of the things going on in the house. I'm working some overtime, but have lots of things that I need to get out there and off of my chest, so hopefully I'll get back to being more organized soon.

Till then, I'll leave you with some of the pictures I took from the eclipse. At least what I was able to watch of it because I had come from work and had to work the next morning.

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