Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not Quite March Yet...

Now, I will warn you, please forgive these pictures. I worked night shift last night and had only been up a little bit before deciding that today was the day. Most of you are familiar with me looking like this:

At least in some form or fashion, although I'm sure just as many of you don't realize how long my hair is because I prefer to wear it up.

But let down it has looked like this:

And I know I said I would wait until March to do this, but I really couldn't take it anymore and after getting up today decided that today was the day to donate my hair to locks of love.

I now look like this:

Now, this is immediately after the cut give me just a few more days and I'll have better pictures for you as I start growing it out again.

Before the cut my hair was at the longest it's ever been and I donated just over 13 inches of hair.

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Amanda said...

We just did this with Brenna. She had just over 10 inches of hair that we donated, too. I love her and Emma's hair. They both have this brown with awesome highlights that people pay good money to get, lol. All my kid have nice highlights. Wish I had some! I cut mine a few months ago but the girl cut it way too short, so I'm letting it grow now. Your's looks good - even if you were working all night. :)